Bilingual voice, multi-purpose Actor & background vocalist


Dramatic Monologue of a Suicidal Male

Ronald Reagan: My Story

Nat Geo Argentina (in Spanish)

Robot Voice (Hal / Janus)

Sounds of Battle: Soldiers at War (Strong language)

ORBEA Bike Voice Over

Ukraine Tribute: Winds of Change (hybrid story/music) All voices are me

KIA Internal Video Narration

Retro ABC Wide World of Sports Intro

Magic Kingdom Outtro

The Money Shot: 17 Rapid – Fire Voices

From Hogans Heros: Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter

Walt Disney’s Voice with a few fun characters at the end too !

Winnie the Pooh & Eeyore

Clarice: Very Creepy Anthony Hopkins

Darth Vader & Luke

Comical Horse Race Finish + Spanish Jockey Interview

Sir David Attenborough(British) & Sean Connery(Scottish) Accents

Spanish Language Taglines

English Language Commercials and Taglines

Corporate/Business Promotions

Let’s get Presidential-Guess the Prez

BORAT interview – International Relations